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American Rescue Plan Funds Requested for Making Improvements to County Water/Wastewater Systems

As part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (“Act”), the federal government established the State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund, which included $130 billion for local governments, of which, approximately $18 million dollars was allocated to Tuscarawas County.  Through the Act, these funds are intended to be used by communities to enable them to continue to support the public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic and lay the foundation for a strong and equitable economic recovery. In addition to helping local governments address the revenue losses they have experienced as a result of the crisis, it will help them cover the costs incurred due responding to the public health emergency and provide support for a recovery – including through assistance to households, small businesses and nonprofits, aid to impacted industries, and support for essential workers. It also provides resources for state, local, and Tribal governments to invest in infrastructure, including water, sewer, and broadband services.

On November 3, 2021, the Sanitary Engineer submitted a request for a $3.6 million investment in improvements to the County’s Water and Wastewater Systems to the Tuscarawas County Commissioners for consideration.  These funds will be used for improving the County’s Centralized Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Wastewater Collection and Conveyance Facilities, Drinking Water Treatment Facilities, Drinking Water Sources, and Drinking Water Transmission and Distribution Facilities.  These projects will provide a direct benefit to numerous unincorporated areas throughout the County, as well as a number of incorporated Communities.  The proposed improvements will serve to promote and protect the public health and safety, and to ensure the County continues to provide water and wastewater service in a cost-effective manner for all of its users.

For a complete list of all projects included with this funding, please contact:

Michael Jones, P.E., Director/Sanitary Engineer

Tuscarawas County Metropolitan Sewer District

9944 Wilkshire Boulevard NE

Bolivar, OH 44612

Phone: (330) 874-3262 x 302

Email: mjones@tcmsd.org